Whole Body Wellness

Discover what your body is trying to tell you.  Move past physical and emotional blocks that rob you of living life to the fullest.  Using the new frontier of holographic scanning, we can uncover a vast field of possibilities causing your body distress.  

We will look at areas such as digestion, disease residue, emotions, food deficiencies and sensitivities, sleep, environmental toxins, heavy metals, pathogens, geopathic stressors, supplementation, and your specific conditions and their underlying causes and the support needed to bring back your vitality.

Receive an individualized plan identifying the natural health recommendations for wellness and balance; saving you time and money.

This can also be valuable information to your medical team as to areas that need further testing.  Our own body and mind contribute the most to the healing process.  NuVision can fine tune the support needed to help your body heal itself more efficiently.

Energy is all around us and we are made of energy.

Everything has an energy you can measure. Frequency instruments have been used for over a century.  TENS units, ultra sound, microcurrent devices, bone growth stimulators, lasers and many others are all frequency instruments.  Those frequencies produce a desired physiological effect depending on the instrument and how it is used.   Each organ and cell in the body have their own energy frequency.  The question is, are you vibrating at optimal frequency or are any of your body parts low? Diminished frequency equals unhealth.  Change the frequency and your body can heal itself.  The use of frequency to heal is nothing new and it’s used every day across the world.

Breast Health

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You don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to consider your breast health. Many simple things can be done every day to positively impact and reduce breast cancer risks. Search thousand of items to find the best solutions custom to your needs.

Immune System 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what your body needs to boost your immune system? Test the effectivity of almost 1500 immune support and anti-viral products and compare to your bodies needs.

Emotional Balance 

Image by: natasha ivanchikhina

Release emotional wounds, let go of old beliefs, and understand what’s holding you back.  A gentle uncovering of what is contributing to your physical state, so you can find your balance and achieve more fulfilment and joy in your life.

Nutrition and Allergies

Image: alexandr-podvalny

Find nutritional deficiencies or what may benefit current conditions. Uncover food allergies and sensitivities.  This can be helpful in identifying priorities and focus as to what are the steps needed to start on the path to wellness. Sign up for a mini-session to get your report.

NuVision technology is the perfect solution to getting you fast and helpful information that is targeted and relevant to your needs.  We are all bio-individual and each of us needs something a little different.

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