Breast Health Mini Assessment


Be Proactive

You don’t have to wait for a diagnosis to consider your breast health. Many simple things can be done every day to positively impact and reduce breast cancer risks. Search thousand of items to find the best solutions custom to your needs.

 In your mini report you will receive:

  • List of the most beneficial solutions specific to you.  Taking the confusion and research out of which solutions are best for you.
  • A list of your specific flower essences and essential oils to calm the mind and lower the stress and fear. 
  • Links to find the best products to save you time (if recommended).
  • 1 months of beneficial reconnect into your field supporting your customized breast health report.
  • Phone/email contact. Results in 24-48 hours.

NuVision technology is the perfect solution to getting you fast and helpful information that is targeted and relevant to your needs.  We are all bio-individual and each of us needs something a little different.

“I’ve worked on a long list of items recommended for breast health, but it gets hard to do everything all the time. I really liked the mini report. I could zero in on a few things that would have a bigger impact. I can still do the other things, but I don’t have to stress if I don’t do everything.”

Jill -IL

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