Full Emotional Balance Assessment

Uncover emotions that are holding you back and interfering with your physical body.

Release emotional wounds, let go of old beliefs, and understand what’s holding you back.  A gentle uncovering of what is contributing to your physical state, so you can find your balance and achieve more fulfilment and joy in your life.

Many believe emotions are stored in our physical bodies and manifest as physical ailments. If you have something that doesn’t seem to heal no matter what you do, perhaps the emotional mind session is for you! Customized solutions according to your needs. We help you unlock what’s trapped consciously or subconsciously.

  • List of the most beneficial products that may be helpful to you specifically. 
  • Top affirmations to keep you focused on your best self.
  • A list of your specific desert flower essences and essential oils to calm the mind and lower the stress levels and fear. 
  • Links to find the best products to save you time. Taking the confusion and research out of which solutions are best for you.
  • Unpacking the emotional issues to get you started on releasing what holds you back
  • 1 month of reconnect into your field supporting your customized emotional balance plan.

NuVision technology is the perfect solution to getting you fast and helpful information that is targeted and relevant to your needs.  We are all bio-individual and each of us needs something a little different.

Get the emotional balance assessment scan to discover a customized plan just for you!  Get the answers that you really need right now. Plan on an hour and 1/2 to 2 hour appointment. In person or via zoom are best. The cost is $110 and can be paid at time of appointment scheduling. Please complete the client intake and health history forms.

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