Pathogens and Toxins Mini

Find out what is stuck in your body causing trouble. Old medicine, pesticides, food dyes, fungus, bacteria, viruses and all chemicals can be stored and cause disruption in our body function.

Do you feel you are eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep but still don’t feel at your best? Maybe toxins or pathogens are the cause. Once you know what is hanging around, you can focus and eliminate it to regain optimal health.

Toxins and Pathogens Mini Assessment:

  • Search through thousands of chemicals and pathogens to see what is effecting you most.
  • Determine which solutions are most helpful in clearing these from your body.
  • Links in an emailed report, to find the most resonating products to you. Taking the confusion out of the research and saving you time.
  • 1 month of beneficial reconnect energy into your field supporting your detox and wellness.
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