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Dr. Kelly and Christine are passionate to help people make informed health decisions, uncovering the root causes and giving options to recover their vitality. We believe each client is unique and with the right tools, clients can overcome their personal challenges and reach their health and wellness goals. Living a healthy and more abundant life.

Christine Banerjee MCHFS, CTT

Christine Banerjee, CHFS, CTT is passionate to help people find health and vitality. Christine loves to educate people and help them take charge of their health. She has a background in communications (BA), is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Master Certified Healing Foods Specialist, and Clinical Thermographic Technician. Believing thermography is an excellent tool to proactively take care of your health, she added it to her tool box in 2017. 2020 was all about advance natural health and NuVision training and she is ready to uncover the underlying sources of your symptoms and disease and implement remedies for your well-being. When she is not on the knowledge trail, she is a wife, and mother of a teenage girl and dog mom to Larry the Chowski.

Dr. Kelly Paulsen

Dr. Kelly Paulsen, DC, CTT graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been in practice for 37 years.  She has focused on women’s health using thermography since 2010. Dr. Kelly has recently opened Fresh Cafe in Mundelein and is enjoying her passion for cooking and sharing her love of delicious plant based healthy food.  She is a wife, and mother to a college student. She loves gardening, and time with her many fur babies.

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