Thermography is a safe radiation, compression and pain free screening method, helpful in risk assessment and documenting select health concerns.  Breast health screening is the most common.  Thermography uses a specialized digital infrared camera, recording temperature emitted from your skin capturing thermal activity, which can indicate physiological changes.

Thermography has the ability to detect the signs that a cancer may be forming, giving time to make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk factors. When used as a part of a multimodal approach, 95% of early-stage cancers will be detected.

Breast Thermography $259.00

Adjunctive breast cancer screening. Radiation and compression free, non-invasive test to monitor breast health as a risk assessment. About 30 minutes.

Upper body Scans · $349.00

Abdomen, back, breast, face, neck thermography scan. 30-minutes

Full body scan · $549.00

Top of head to bottom of feet. 20+ images focusing in on areas of interest covering your entire body. 45- min.

Ultrasounds – A great addition to Thermography – $225

A breast ultrasound uses the same technology as the common pregnancy baby ultrasound. Breast ultrasounds help diagnose breast abnormalities.  They are an effective way to detect difficult to find breast cancers. It is a great way to look at your breast health.  Sound waves are bounced off the tissues in your breast and give information to what is happening inside. Ultrasound, an anatomical look, goes well with thermography, a physiological look.  The two different screenings can go a long way for peace of mind. An ultrasound can determine a tumor growth or fluid-filled cysts. Our ultrasound technician can also perform any other ultrasound you might be interested in.

Breast Health Support Group Monthly Subscription $10/month

on’t have to wait for a diagnosis to consider your breast health. Many simple things can be done every day to positively impact and reduce breast cancer risks. Search thousands of items to find the best solutions custom to your needs. Using NuVision to look at personalized solutions to support your breast health. Flower essences, nutrition, essential oils, affirmations and more energetically sent into your field daily to support breast health. Plus, a report with items that are negatively impacting breast health when you join the group. Text “join BH group” to 224-358-2741.

In addition to Breast Thermography, we are offering other ways to monitor and support your health and wellness goals.

MINI ASSESSMENT SESSIONS $35 – Results will be emailed. No in-person visit necessary.

  • Search through thousands items to see what is effecting you most.
  • Determine which solutions are most helpful in clearing these from your body.
  • A list of your specific flower essences and essential oils to calm the mind and lower the stress to support your body.
  • Links in an emailed report, to find the most resonating products to you. Taking the confusion out of the research and saving you time and money.
  • 1 month of beneficial reconnect energy into your field supporting your area of interest and wellness goals.

Toxins and Pathogens Mini Assessment: Find out what is stuck in your body causing trouble. Old medicine, pesticides, food dyes, fungus, bacteria, viruses and all chemicals can be stored and cause disruption in our body function.

Nutrition and Food Sensitivities Mini Assessment: Find nutritional deficiencies or what may benefit current conditions. Uncover food allergies and sensitivities Taking the confusion out of the research and saving you time. (if supplements are suggested).

Immune Mini Assessment: Test the effectivity of almost 1500 immune support and anti-viral products from all over the world to discover what you need.

Emotional Affirmations Mini Assessment: Learn what affirmations resonate with you now and what you need to be telling yourself.

Business and Goal Setting Mini Assessment: Discover what is really holding you back blocking you from achieving your best self. Receive a list of what will manifest success specific to you.

Pain Mini Assessment: Specific results to point you in the right direction to help your body heal itself. Uncover the cause and best solution to resolve the issue.

Breast Health Mini Assessment: Search thousands of item to focus the best support your breast health.

Purchase any Mini Assessment Session

Emailed report with your specific recommendations -1 topic session



In this in-depth assessment we will look at areas such as digestion, disease residue, emotions, nutrition panel, food allergies and sensitivities, sleep, environmental toxins, heavy metals, immune, pain, pathogens, geopathic stressors, all health contributors and your specific conditions and their underlying causes and the support needed to bring back your vitality.

Photo by: Vlad Chețan

After walking through all the cause and support needed you will receive an individualized plan identifying the natural health recommendations for wellness and balance. Thus, saving you time and money taking the guess work out of your health routine.

This can also be valuable information to your medical team as to areas that need further testing.  Our own body and mind contribute the most to the healing process.  NuVision can fine tune the support needed to help your body heal itself more efficiently.

Most beneficial in person but can be contact free on the phone or video chat. Please allow 1- 1 1/2 hour per appointment. Completing forms ahead of appointment is necessary.

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EMOTION BALANCE SESSION 1-1/2 hour – 2 hours $110.00

Uncovering the trapped emotions that may be holding you back, keeping you from healthy relationships and attaining your goals and dreams. The assessment will find the underlying emotional causes associated with your health conditions. Many believe emotions are stored in our physical bodies and manifest as physical ailments. If you have something that doesn’t seem to heal no matter what you do, or you don’t feel you are achieving all you want to achieve, perhaps the emotion balance session is for you. Customized solutions according to your needs. Some emotional clearing. Most beneficial in person but can be contact free on the phone or video chat. We will be unpacking what the scan discovers. Please allow 1-1/2 hour- 2 hour per appointment. Completing forms ahead of appointment is necessary.

Purchase Full Body Assessment


Purchase Emotional Balance Assessment


Ultrasounds $215

We have a mobile ultrasound company at our office for our clients every couple months by appointment.   It is a great tool to use with thermography as a comparative study to get a different look at breast tissue. Diagnostic ultrasound is a non-invasive screening which aides in the early detection of potentially life threatening conditions such as blood clots or cancerous masses. Ultrasound imaging is a painless medical technique used to generate real-time images of body’s organs, blood vessels, and internal structure which helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. We offer patients a full range of non-invasive advanced diagnostic ultrasound examinations, not just breast, performed by highly qualified and experienced sonographers.


Find out what cooking in your gut. Analyzes your microbiome, providing precise food & supplement recommendations determined by your stool.  The latest science shows that our innate immunity relies on a healthy gut microbiome. Knowing which foods are right for you can help boost your wellness so you can take care of those you care about. When the microbes in your gut are out of balance, your body can’t absorb nutrients the way it should. The result of this is inflammation, the root of almost every chronic disease. Connect to an app to have all your results on the go. Extremely detailed reports and coaching.

Purchase Microbiome Test and Coaching

Analyzes your microbiome, providing precise food, and supplement recommendations determined by your stool. App and follow-up coaching included. 4- 6 week wait for lab results.


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