Ultrasounds at BTC

We are so excited to introduce Polsono Mobile Ultrasound and announce they will be offering Ultrasounds starting January 15, 2020. Ultrasounds are a great addition to breast health monitoring.

Ultrasound Examinations are:

  • Non- Invasive
  • Painless
  • Affordable
  • Life-Saving
  • State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Comes To You.

Diagnostic ultrasound is a non-invasive screening which aides in the early detection of potentially life threatening conditions such as blood clots or cancerous masses. Ultrasound imaging is a painless medical technique used to generate real-time images of body’s organs, blood vessels, and internal structure which helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.

The Polsono team is dedicated to providing you with the quality and compassionate care that you deserve. They specialize in a variety of imaging examinations including: general, cardiac, vascular, and OB.

Echo ultrasounds provide a live picture of the heart. This examination takes a closer look at the size and shape of the heart and shape of the heart muscle as well as at the competency of the heart valves to determine if the heart has sustained any damage.

Abdominal ultrasounds assist in the diagnosis of abdominal pains which can be attributed to liver, gallbladder, or pancreas disease.

Right Upper Quadrant This exam is effective in identifying liver or gallbladder disease and depicts right kidney pathology.

Renal (Kidney) Ultrasound Kidney screenings are effective in the early detection of painful kidney stones and potentially cancerous cysts.

Renal Artery Duplex Renal artery scans aide in the diagnosis of high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Abdominal Aorta* This ultrasound examines the abdominal aorta and aides in the early detection of  developing aneurysms.

Thyroid Ultrasound Thyroid ultrasounds inspect improperly functioning thyroids and can detect potentially cancerous masses or cysts.

Pelvic Ultrasound** Pelvic ultrasounds aide in the early detection of cervical, utarin, and ovarian cancers. An additional intra-vaginal examination which utilizes a high frequency probe to detect subtle differences between benign and malignant cystic structures is also available.

Breast Ultrasound Breast ultrasounds help diagnose breast abnormalities. They are an effective way to detect difficult to find breast cancers.

Venous (Extremities) Venous ultrasounds are generally used to detect blood clots in the legs or arms. Early detection of clots is Ultrasound imperative in the prevention of potentially life threatening conditions.

Carotid Duplex Carotid artery scans aid in the detection of potentially harmful plaque build-up or blood clots. A Doppler ultrasound may be administered to examine the condition and blood flow of the blood vessels.

Arterial Duplex Arterial duplex ultrasounds examine the lower and upper extremities to assist in the diagnosis of arterial (Extremities) narrowing or arterial disease.

OB OB ultrasounds accurately depict fetal anatomy and aide in the detection of maternal abnormalities. 

Patient Prep Instructions

*Fasting Prep: Patients are not to eat or drink anything for at least 6-8 hours prior to the following ultrasound examinations:

  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Gallbladder / Liver / Pancreas
  • Renal Artery
  • Aorta

**Full Bladder Prep:   Patients should drink a minimum of 32oz. (4 cups) of water prior to the examination. Please refrain from using the bathroom. Full bladder prep is required for the following examinations:

  • Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Prostate Scan

Ultrasound services are available by appointment only. Call the Breast Thermography Center 224-358-2741 to schedule your appointment.

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