Self Breast Exam

Do you check your breast monthly? Every so often? Do you feel confident that you are doing it right? A proper self-breast exam isn’t hard, and it isn’t that much time to invest in yourself and your health. It can certainly bring peace of mind and you don’t have to wait for your yearly physical. Besides, you know your breast best!  50% or more cancers are found this way.  Be aware and observant but not fearful.  Breast tissue can change month to month, with our cycles, stress, or lymphatic health. You may notice lumps that appear and disappear or changes that happen when you do something different. These are all normal. A regular practice of self-breast exam can help you determine what is normal to you and what is new. Dr. Christiane Northrup says, “to project light from your hands into your breast when doing your “exam”.  Think good thoughts and say nice things while you are performing the exam. Things like:

“I am peaceful. The cells in my body work perfectly. My immune system is functioning optimally. I let go with love and trust. I am worthy. I am confident, calm and capable.” Anything at all that is encouraging and kind to yourself. Please do not say anything negative: “I hope I don’t find…., I don’t want the big “C”.

How to do a great self-breast exam adapted from My Breast Friend method:

Give yourself time in a comfortable place and flat on your back. Turn or use extra pillows if needed, gravity you know. 😉 Use your arm as a pillow and cross over your body to exam opposite breast tissue. Start under the arm and go down in grid pattern.  Be sure to go under breast and up to collar using three fingers to make circles using light medium and firm pressure in the same location. Then move one finger length over and start again until the whole breast is covered in the grid pattern, up to collar bone and down under breast tissue. Switch to other side when done with the first. Pay especially close attention to upper outer quadrant near under arm, 85% of cancers are found here.

Check out My Breast Friend for full detail and a great practice tool.

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