Benefits of Using Thermography

1-100% safe- no risk -There are no harmful side effects, any age or stage of life can have a thermograph scan.

2-No ionizing radiation -If radiation is a concern for you there is no need to worry with thermography. The digital infrared camera doesn’t use it.

3- Non-invasive – There is no contact with your body. No smashing or stretching of breast tissue. It’s compression free! Woo hoo!!

4- Fast -It is a simple procedure. You can be in and out of your appointment in less than half an hour. 15 minutes or so will be acclimating to the room temperature, a few minutes for the technician to take the images and that’s it. The last time I got my oil changed in my car it took longer!

5- Easy – A few simple protocols to follow before your appointment (like avoid deodorant and lotion). While at your visit you will undress (waist up) behind a screen for privacy and acclimate to the room temperature. When it is time for your scan you will sit on stool and swivel side to side for 5 images and you are done.

6- Effective – Breast thermography has an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%. In the last 30+ years there has been 800 peer review studies with over 300,000 women included as participants.
Knowledge is power.

7- Inexpensive -You are worth the investment for your health. Getting a “something may be starting” thermography report where you can make lifestyle changes and monitor the breast is cheaper than insurance deductibles, co-pays, and time off work for treatment when a cancer diagnosis is given.

8-Early detection – Thermography is a physiological test showing the development of disease conditions. It can be an advanced warning screening tool informing you something is in the works. At this stage, you have time to change your lifestyle and seek professional intervention before cancer can take hold and become a tumor.

Thermography is an adjunctive breast cancer screen test. It is not meant as a stand alone screening. Any changes to the breast should be clinically correlated regardless of thermographic findings.

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