Breast Cancer Physiology Simplified

Did you know cancer and pre-cancerous tissue grows faster than normal breast tissue?

Did you know the fast growth produces more heat than normal breast tissue?

Did you know the faster the growth rate, the greater the amount of heat produced?

These are all reasons thermography is a valid breast cancer risk assessment tool. Abnormal findings on thermograms may have higher risk of breast cancer. At the Breast Thermography Center we like to help our clients reduce their risk with lifestyle changes. Thermography is a great way to monitor risk factors and if the lifestyle changes are working.

Some of the heat produced by the tumor can rise to the surface of the skin by conduction through adjacent tissues. Heat follows down stream via circulation, not necessarily where the tumor is located.

Most heat travels from the tumor to the surface of the skin through the blood via convection. The heat also travels in the lymph and fluid in the milk ducts of the breast. This means the thermal findings may not always be in the location of the tumor.

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