Does Insurance Cover Thermography?

This is the most often asked question I get whenever I talk with people about Thermography. The answer is yes and no.

Yes, health savings plans and flexible spending plans can be used to pay for your thermographic scans. Whether it’s using a card with funds or submitting the receipt, both ways work. Many of our clients love having a choice where their insurance dollars go and what they can use them for.

No, in the traditional insurance sense. We cannot submit scans to insurance. At first, I was frustrated by this fact. But after I thought about it more, I’m glad. With insurance comes rules, regulations, and restrictions. Some of our clients would not be able to get the scan when they wanted for whatever they wanted because of these restrictions.

In my opinion, the more information you have to make health decisions the better. Thermography is an excellent tool to provide more information and monitor wellness. If you changed your lifestyle and want to see if there is improvement, get a scan. Started taking a medication and want to see if it is working, get a scan. Have a concern, get a scan. You as the client decide how often you want to scan and for what purpose.

I’m thankful anyone who wants to have a thermographic scan can get one. No need for approvals, Dr. order or some company saying you can’t. Knowledge is power. The more information the better.

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